Upcoming features for 2018


  • Product review: Exterior steplighting
  • Lighting for transport and infrastructure


  • Product review: Industrial rack lighting
  • Design Clinic: Steplights
  • Lighting for transport and infrastructure
  • Webinar: Maintenance factors
  • Webinar: Lighting for horticulture


  • Product review: Bollards
  • Design Clinic
  • Lighting for horticulture
  • Webinar: Emergency lighting in social housing


  • Product review: Highbays
  • Design Clinic
  • Lighting for horticulture
  • Emergency lighting
  • Design and technology of luminaires
  • Webinar: Light + Building review
  • Webinar: How to do an emergency lighting risk assessment


  • Product review: Emergency twin spots
  • Design Clinic
  • Emergency lighting
  • Design and technology of luminaires
  • Webinar: How to manage light pollution
  • Webinar: How to specify wireless lighting control


  • Product review: Framing spotlights for display and retail
  • Design Clinic
  • Webinar: Lighting for bats


  • Product review: Handrails inc. inserts
  • Design Clinic
  • Webinar: LEDs and insects
  • Webinar: Glare in interior lighting
  • Lux Awards: Project shortlist


  • Product review: Interior lights with built-in PIR.
  • Design Clinic
  • Lighting for health and wellbeing
  • Webinar: Stairwell lighting
  • Webinar: Lighting for the disabled and visually impaired


  • Product review: Sports floodlights
  • Design Clinic
  • Lighting for health and wellbeing
  • Lux Awards: Product shortlist
  • LuxLive preview


  • Product review: S Class streetlights
  • Design Clinic
  • LuxLive preview


  • Product review: Free-standing task lights
  • Design Clinic


  • Product review: A-line lamps
  • Design Clinic
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Regular features

In addition to al the latest news and technological developments in the industry, Lux also produces the following regular features:

Product reviews – We test and review a selection of standout new products
Design Clinics – We look at 3 different ways to light a particular area
Value propositions – Our experts compare projects, their energy performance and return on investment
Q&A of the Day – We answer some of the questions about lighting
Opinion – Opinion articles from industry figures and commentators
Case studies – The best new energy-efficient lighting projects
End user interviews – Top end users give their take on energy-efficient lighting
Named and shamed – We highlight examples where lighting could do better
New products – The latest and most exciting lighting kit on the market
Events – Details of upcoming conferences, courses, exhibitions and get-togethers