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Website specifications:
Please supply a .jpg, .gif or Flash graphic file and the URL you would like the graphic to link

Important notes for Flash advertisements:

  • Advertisements must contain a background; they must not be transparent
  • They must contain the hyperlink to the target website or read the URL from FlashVar (variable) called “clickTAG”
  • They must not be longer than 10 seconds

Advert Specifications

Our website provides a targeted marketing approach with geographically focussed industry segments and engaging industry content. Opportunities include:

Sector focused Headline banners
Sector focused MPU banners
Featured products
Featured videos
Site takeover
Design Clinic Sponsorship

To advertise in Lux please contact
Lucille Austin:

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The benefits of working with Lux

  • Geographic focus across key international regions including UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Americas and Australia & New Zealand
  • Exposure to senior decision-makers and specifiers across specific industry sectors
  • Embedded video content by geography or industry sector
  • Unique access to end-users across the public and private
  • Editorial integrity and expertise – our website content is written by experts with over 40 years’ experience in the lighting industry
  • Brand alignment with the leading media for the lighting industry

e-newsletter specifications

Headline banner
578 (w) x 120 (h)px
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